Office Partitioning Services

Arranging your office space requires careful planning and deliberation. For example, employees that work together on tasks would be best placed closed to one another, or the use of partitioning to maximise working space and its efficiency.

ARW Contracts’ office interiors team will make the most out of your office space. Whether the use of office partitioning is to create a waiting area, separate individual working divisions or create offices, ARW have the creativity and designs to best suit your needs. Not only will they look professional and modern but meet all your business aspirations.

ARW only use the most trusted brands in the industry, for example, Tenon, Avanti and Komfort etc. From careful selection we offer the following types of workspace partitioning:

By working closely with our design team we can reconfigure your current office partitioning or start again from new – or even a mixture of both! We work around your needs and budget. With minimal disruption to your business we can evolve your space into a modern, light and designer office.