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In busy office environments, restaurants or classrooms, heat that is generated, lingers. Many people buy large air conditioners thinking it will provide better cooling – this is incorrect. A larger unit is less effective, more expensive to run and wastes energy. Larger units will cool the room quickly but will only eliminate a small percentage of the humidity leaving the room with a damp, clammy air. The correct sized air conditioner will remove humidity properly as it cools. ARW will select the size that is most appropriate for your environment, saving money for your business.

The requirement for cooling in commercial buildings every year rises. With overhead lightings, multiple occupants, computer heat emissions and solar glare from large windows, these are currently the main reasons for installation.

ARW’s experts understand the need and importance for the correct air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The benefits of having Air Conditioning (AC) can maintain a good working environment during the warmer summer months but also with a number of other advantages:

  • Modern AC systems reduce background noises which are especially useful where employees use the telephone a lot.
  • Updating your units will improve the well-being of staff and visitors reducing the spread of colds, germs and bacteria.
  • The right size unit will control the temperatures correctly. High-functioning AC systems will use less energy, reducing costs.
  • By maintaining the thermal comfort of employees this will result in higher operational levels.

Our Temperature Control Installations range:

  • Small heating, cooling and ventilation Systems
  • Multiple VRV/VRF systems with heat recovery
  • Bespoke Close Control Systems for heavily dependent IT Clients
    • Cooling Systems for computer server suites
    • Communications Rooms
    • Data Centres

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